Emerging Industries

Soledad Retamal
Investment Executive
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Livestock Farming - Dairy Industry

Bío Bío

Investment Opportunities

The emerging dairy industry in the Bío Bío region presents investment opportunities in the manufacturing and marketing of various products, including milk, UHT milk, powdered milk, cheese, yoghurt, butter, cream and ice cream.

Our Industry in Numbers

  • The region receives approximately 121 million litres of milk per year for production and produces approximately 188 million litres annually
  • In 2007, the region produced 85% of Chile's condensed milk
  • The region exports approximately 60 million litres of condensed milk annually to the United States and Mexico
  • From January to July 2009, the region exported US$515 million of condensed milk
Source: PROCHILE 2009, ODEPA

Our Advantages

  • Year round production
  • Highly competitive production costs
  • High quality standards in production
  • Skilled labour force
  • Abundance of financial and technological resources