Food Industry

Vanessa Severin
IPM-Investment Promotion Manager
Food Industry Program
+56 2 631 8537

Meat and Dairy Sub Products

  • Excellent animal health conditions.
  • Technological development.
  • 55% growth in the last 10 years.
  • In 2009, Chile exported USD800 million in red and white meat, and dairy.

Dairy Sub Products
  • Dairy cattle in Chile: 486,534 cows.
  • Prairie surface available for the dairy production (mostly southern macro zone): more than 3 million of hectares.
  • Area dedicated to dairy cattle: 1.5 million hectares.
  • Average animal count: 1.6 head / ha.
  • Daily average production: 15.8 liters / cow / day.
  • Milk production 2009: 2,400 million liters.
  • Projection to 2020, 6,000 million liters.

Investment Opportunities in:
    • Farms and processing plants for fowl, pork, bovine, ovine and goat.
    • Animal food industry.
    • Primary milk production companies.
    • Plants for spray drying.
    • Companies that fabricate special cheese and other milk sub products, using the competitive and monetary advantages of these products in the most important markets of the world.
    • Biotechnology companies that produce functional products for exportation.
    • Biotechnology companies that produce organic fertilizers and special fertilizers that improve pastures.
    • Related industries represents excellent opportunities for investment, based on the projected growth in dairy production.
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