Food Industry

Vanessa Severin
IPM-Investment Promotion Manager
Food Industry Program
+56 2 631 8537

Wine Industry and grape sub-products

120,000 hectares planted with grapevines, where 80% is destined to noble varieties.
In 2009, Chile exported USD 1,424 million and is the 5th largest exporter of wine and the 10th largest producer worldwide.

Investment Opportunities in:

  • Wineries oriented to high quality wines.
  • Companies that produce pisco (distilled white wine).

Grape Sub Products

  • Companies that elaborate edible products from grape sub products.
  • Use of biotechnology to harness by-products from the production of wine (flours rich in fiber, polyphenols, etc.).
  • Companies that elaborate oil from the grape seed oil.
  • Companies that elaborate balsamic vinegar.
  • Companies that elaborate vinegar.

Trade Associations: