Mining Suppliers Sector

José Andrés Herrera
Investment Promotion Manager
(56 2) 631-8523

Regional distribution of the sector

The mining providers play an extremely important role in the mining industry in Chile. The operation of various sites of the country would not be possible without the attendance of over 4000 suppliers that feed the supply chain industry to capture more than $ 10 billion annual operating expenditures in the sector.

To be part of Chile's mining production chain involves deciding to be part of a set of business opportunities:

  • Together with Peru, Chile represents one of the largest mining districts in the world by capturing more than 50% of copper mining investment.
  • Chile is in a strategic position to exploit opportunities offered by the huge investment in Latin America that sums more than US $ 150 billion.
  • To leverage the export drive of auxiliary mining industry that is expected to reach USD $ 1,500 million annually. Today it reaches USD $ 300 million.

Source: CORFO